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• May 16, 2008 • 4:07 pm •
::Subject:: Yay!

I got the promotion.

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• September 24, 2007 • 10:52 am •
::Subject:: I am not an addict!

Well.. maybe I am a little.

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• September 23, 2007 • 9:02 am •
::Subject:: Sunday is Lemming Day

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color grey, which embodies the characteristics of elegance, humility, respect, reverence, stability, subtlety, wisdom, strong emotions, balance, and cancellation. Grey falls under the element of Water, and symbolizes the moon, tide, ebb and flow.

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• September 19, 2007 • 12:44 am •
::Subject:: Obsession

It's not just a lovely scent in a bottle folks, it can also be an emotion felt by many across this grand world of ours. Yes, I am prone to those feelings as well. I would like to think that I probably obsess over about three to four people a year before coming to my senses. Most of the people I know on some level until these last few days.

Rick and I took Gavin to the Lunatic Luau on Saturday, an all day concert with like fifteen bands. We were met by the lovely Gretchen and her son, and another friend of work. It was a fun day, lots of sun though it wasn't too hot. We tried to save Gavin from burning by having him hide in his dad's shirt cause I was stupid enough to leave the sunscreen in the car. What a dork I am.

But I digress. Anyway. While there, I noticed this really good looking guy. He was in a black tank top, black dress slacks with black loafers. His hair black, skin pale except where burnt by the sun from being outide in the lawn area. On top of his head was a black fedora. I'm a sucker for it, honestly. That look.. just plain does it for me anyway. I should have been a flapper or something so I could hang around gangster types. And I couldn't take my eyes off him. Because the first thing I did was a double take, he looks exactly like the other Rick. He was apparently all by his lonesome and I so wanted to just go up to him and talk to him, see what he was like. But me being shy, and there with my family, I didn't.

The concert itself was tons of fun, the company was great. We were at the perfect place to see both stages without having to move too far from our original spots. The only thing that marred an almost perfect day was the price of food and drink. Good grief, four dollars for water. Six for a soda and *gasp* ten for beer?! By the Gods, it was highway robbery. Oh well though, what can you do?

Things are settling down around my house. After the visit, there was some moments where things were weird between Rick and myself. One big blow up so far but I think it was a combination of a headache on his part, being tired and grumpy on mine. Other than that, it's.. moving along enough that we're planning our own visit out to Illinois in March. Melissa knows a friend at a local hotel and is going to reserve our rooms for us at like.. half price or something. I'll be scouring the internet for deals on plane tickets. We are gonna take the kids with us...Yeah. So we need to save money.

Our girl was upset with us that we didn't invite her to the concert on Saturday, Gretch. I told her that we thought about her and even said we should have asked her to come. But she sulked a bit tonight when I told her that, and said that was fine. She just wouldn't ask us out anymore. Pfft.. We need to find someplace to go where we can invite her so she won't feel so ignored by us. It wouldn't hurt my feelings any. You were missed at work.. The food was great, I'm still stuffed even now. Good grief.

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:: Mood:: tired

• September 8, 2007 • 11:23 pm •
::Subject:: Lemming that I am


You enjoy life, humor, and being exuberant. Wherever you go you usually find yourself stealing the spotlight without even trying. You love to let go and have fun.

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• August 24, 2007 • 1:14 am •
::Subject:: A bitter drink to swallow

I'm not sure that I could be anymore disappointed than I am right now. The Lt came into EDC today to let Wendy and myself know that we didn't get the Senior dispatcher position. I have to admit, I wanted to cry but I didn't. I held it together pretty good. What I wanted to do was scream and stomp my feet while whining how unfair the whole thing was. Then go over to Lisa and bitch slap her across the face.

The only thing I can do in my head is go over the question I missed, regret that I didn't study those things but.. *sigh* Oh well. Life goes on, shit happens, Don't worry Be happy and all that other bullshit.

I wanted to come home and drink myself in oblivion to block out the fact that I feel like a fucking failure. Know what I got to drink? A big glass of chocolate milk. How's that for grown up, Gretch?

The social worker is coming over tomorrow afternoon. Lovely. Just some more stress. I think Mom is going to pick Raina and Gavin up tomorrow after Ms.Moore leaves. Then I'm going to send Rick to the store to get me something because tomorrow night I am getting tore up.

I'm excited about the visitors coming next week. I'm sure I'll start stressing as time gets closer but eh.. For right now I'm gonna look forward to meeting new people and having a good time.

Not really much else to say.

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:: Mood:: depressed

• August 1, 2007 • 1:20 am •
::Subject:: Lemmingness (plus a few)

I would jump off a bridge if everyone else did it tooCollapse )

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• July 26, 2007 • 4:51 pm •
::Subject:: Now I'm gonna have to find a way to take the knife out of my back

So it's been a little bit since I've update.
Monster Update WarningCollapse )
Anyway, that's my long ass update.

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:: Mood:: crazy

• July 8, 2007 • 8:59 pm •
::Subject:: Lemming time

You're Ireland!

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with words, remarkably lucky, and know and enjoy at least fifteen ways of eating a potato.
 You really don't like snakes.

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• June 21, 2007 • 11:37 am •
::Subject:: Woot

Blessed Summer Solstice for all my friends.

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